A Century of Driving
Our Clients’ Success

Together we are embarking on our 100th year Anniversary.

HKM wants to celebrate 100 years with you our customers, dedicated employees, partners and suppliers. You and our employees are the reason we are still here. Because we have all grown and developed together, we have thrived. We’d like to celebrate, recognize, and acknowledge what you, HKM and our employees, have all accomplished together.

For 100 years, our mission has been to help you our customers succeed. Your Success… is our Mission. Our employees and partners have been 100% dedicated to your success…it is our core purpose. The selfless dedication, professional excellence, and superior craftsmanship, you and our employees have brought to the business, has established a benchmark only a few could have achieved. Further, we are committed to adopting the most advanced innovations to deliver the most impactful and profitable marketing solutions available to drive your sales and profits into the future.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing some of the milestones our team has reached together, some Fun Cleveland Facts plus some Marketing/Printing/Advertising and cultural happenings through the decades. Be sure to click through on each decade to read more about our journey.

1920-1940 The Legacy Begins

HKM Celebrates 100 Years -1920-40

HKM’s legacy begins at Hauser-King Letter/Mailing Service in the Caxton Building

Cleveland was named an All-American City

The Indians won the World Series!!!

Advertising exploded on the scene and TV arrived.

More 1920-40’s Facts  

1950 The Legacy Continues

HKM- George Durham takes over the letterpress company

Cleveland becomes the 7th largest city in the country

Advertising saw the beginnings of brand awareness

Seven Wonders of the World was showing on the Cinerama

More 1950’s Facts  

1960 HKM Is Born

Hauser-King Printing and Marford Direct Mail merge to form HKM

Ohioan Neil Armstrong is 1st person to walk on the moon

A cultural revolution emerges marked by social upheaval

Creativity soars and TV advertising takes off

More 1960’s Facts  

1970 HKM Expands

HKM grows through acquisitions and equipment expansion

The Great Blizzard of 1978 hits – the worst storm in Ohio’s history

Bell bottoms, maxi dresses, and streaking hit the scene

Watergate, Nixon’s resigning, and Vietnam protest rocked the nation

More 1970’s Facts  

1980 HKM Moves

HKM moves and becomes one of the top 10 printers in Cleveland

Cleveland is selected as the site for The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

Big hair, legwarmers, Spandex, Jordache Jeans and Swatch watches were all the rage

Desktop publishing and databased marketing are introduced as personalization and guerilla marketing enters the lexicon

More 1980’s Facts  

1990 HKM Evolves

HKM renames, expands services and builds a distribution center

Cleveland celebrates its Bicentennial and the Indians win the AL pennant twice

The 1st Harry Potter book publishes, Seinfeld, Friends and Celine Dion appear

The Internet continues to grow plus Photoshop and iMac are introduced

More 1990’s Facts  

2000 HKM Excels

HKM grows dramatically, becoming the #2 printer in Cleveland

Cleveland storms into the NBA Finals and survives a blizzard.

Avatar was the #1 movie, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was released, and Superhero films reappeared

Social media explodes onto the scene with Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all launching

More 2000’s Facts  

2010 HKM Broadens

HKM enters the large format industry and acquires high speed inkjet color printers to broaden capabilities as an answer to client needs.

Cleveland had an epic sports year in 2016 with teams winning many championships

Social Media explodes with Instagram and Tik Tok while influencers and followers were birthed.

American society was impacted by “Black Lives Matter” Trumps Presidency and the #Me Too Movement

More 2010’s Facts  

2020 HKM Celebrates!

HKM has expanded their data management solutions, custom on-line fulfillment and marketing automation capabilities

Cleveland has hosted the NBA 75th Anniversary All Star Game, the NFL Draft, The MLS All Star Game and the 2020 US Presidential Debate

5G networks went national while AR, AI, extreme personalization, and predictive modeling all continued to grow

The unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic started the 2020’s with the shutting down of most of the world

More 2020’s Facts  

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