HKM continues celebrating 100 years with you our customers, dedicated employees, partners & suppliers. We previously shared our humble beginnings in the 20’s and took you through the 90’s, if you missed them then follow this link.

Now we enter a new century of the 2000’s which started with Y2K.The Decade had some major ups and downs with September 11th, 2001, and the global financial crisis. However, there were also major advances in technology and communication with the introduction of social media, the iPhone and omni-channel marketing making the 2000’s the “Digital Decade”.

HKM Named #2 Printer in Cleveland
Throughout the 2000’s HKM grows dramatically, becoming the #2 printer in Cleveland. HKM forms the Direct Connect Group partnering with CCG of New Jersey and McCallum/Mailhandlers of Seattle, WA, providing coast-to-coast capabilities. HKM acquires the assets of Warren Printing, Print One Digital, Precision Printing, and Panther Press significantly growing capacity and expanding capabilities. Further, HKM grows its digital portfolio, adding an OCE perfecting Digital laser, two Indigo 5 color Ultrastream digital presses and a Xerox iGen4 press. This provides clients with the ability to focus even further on 1-to-1 personalization driving an increase in awareness, trial, and sales.

Cleveland storms into the NBA Finals and survives a blizzard.
The Cleveland Cavaliers reach the NBA finals for the 1st time. The Cleveland Barons Hockey team is revived, but leaves the city again. In 2004 the Vice-Presidential debate between Dick Cheney and John Edwards takes place at Case Western Reserve University. In February 2007 Cleveland is hit by a major blizzard dumping 15” of snow, and Cleveland becomes the 1st major city in the country to have all its local TV stations converted to Hi Definition TV.

Happenings in the World

Sadly, the country is hit by a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 — followed by the global financial crisis and the emergence of climate change and global warming. On a lighter note, Avatar was the #1 movie, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was released, and Superhero films reappeared. Hip Hop reached its peak and Toxic, Bye Bye Bye, and Beyoncé & Jay-Z were on the airwaves. Play Station 2, Xbox, and Wii sports were all introduced. Reality TV, Trucker hats and low-rise jeans were all “in” and The International Space Station is launched into space.

Mobile phones became ubiquitous followed by the introduction of smartphones at the end of the decade. Social media explodes onto the scene with Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all launching, while “Cost per click” was trademarked. Text messaging explodes and design becomes omni-channel with personalized marketing messages coordinated across multiple channels (i.e., print, mail, TV, digital and mobile).