HKM continues celebrating 100 years with you our customers, dedicated employees, partners & suppliers. We previously shared our humble beginnings in the 20’s and took you through the 90’s, if you missed them then follow this link.

We have arrived at the 2020’s – “The Twenties!” and the culmination of our decades exploration.  

HKM Celebrates!
HKM reached its 100th year anniversary! For 100 years, our mission has been to help you, our customers succeed. Our employees & partners have been 100% dedicated to your success. HKM continues to adopt the most advanced innovations to deliver the most impactful and beneficial marketing solutions available. More recently, we have expanded our data management solutions, custom on-line fulfillment and marketing automation capabilities, to provide you with the most highly effective marketing solutions available in the marketplace today.

Cleveland “The Host City”
So far in the 2020’s, Cleveland has hosted the NBA 75th Anniversary All Star Game, the NFL Draft, The MLS All Star Game and the 2020 US Presidential Debate. Additionally, The Cleveland Clinic was among the earliest hospitals to administer the Covid-19 vaccine. The Cleveland Browns went 11-5, their 1st winning season since 2007 and ended a league high 18-year playoff drought. The Cleveland Indians became the Guardians and on April 15, 2022, a ‘new’ era of baseball began with the Cleveland Guardians taking the home field for the 1st time with the new team name.

Happenings in the World
The unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic started the 2020’s with the shutting down of most of the world, interrupting supply chains, and disrupting everyone’s lives. It forced the closure of schools and companies, excluding “essential” businesses including HKM  (i.e. grocery stores, hospitals, etc.). It forced many to work from home, which led to video conferencing and the use of Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams.  With many retail outlets and restaurants being shut down, ecommerce and on-line food deliveries exploded with the growth of Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. The closure of theaters further accelerated on-line streaming with Disney+, Paramount and Peacock all being introduced. Crypto currency (Bitcoin) and eclectic cars took off. Joe Biden’s Presidency, Brexit, Russia’s  invasion of Ukraine began as the Afghan 20 Year War ended.

Culture and Communication
Tik Tok became a major influence, bright multicolored clothes appeared along with decorative face masks. Tik Tok eye makeup tutorials took precedence to outshine the pesky face mask mandated presence. Top Gun Maverick and Spiderman’s No Way Home were the highest grossing films so far with Parasite sweeping the Oscars. The Weekend had the biggest single and Squid Games became a global success. 5G networks went national while AR, AI, extreme personalization, and predictive modeling all grow.