Improves mail deliverability & reduces postage cost

Provides an automated
customer communication path

Marketing solutions is driven by strategy, technology, data collection & analytical services. Fully integrated Database Management allows HKM to provide a complete automated customer communication path. HKM streamlines your database for maximum effectiveness & minimal waste with services like merge/purge, deduping, appending, suppression, gender and more.

Data generates a 360-degree
view of every customer

Use behavioral tracking methods such as following a user’s path through your website, we can help your team understand your prospects intent & where they are in the purchase life cycle. Concurrently collecting data through the intersection of channels: e-mail, website visits, app usage, using tools like Purls and QR codes, allows us to generate a 360-degree view of every customer.

Our mail & data mgmt. improves
deliverability & reduces postage cost

Our leading mail management & data enhancement software, provides improved deliverability & lowers postage cost. However, data security is paramount. HKM’s Personal information Security Program includes access control, CCTV, and remote video with intrusion testing and stringent network protocols. Your data is always protected — with secure on- and off-site replication & storage of data certified by HIPPA & SOC2 certification.

  • List research, acquisition, hygiene & enhancement while securely personalizing each customer’s marketing message based on their data profile
  • Integrated database management that allows for a fully automated customer communication path increasing awareness, trial & sales
  • Your data is always protected — with secure on– and off-site replication & storage of data where we meet AICPA’s SOC2 type demands consistent with HIPAA requirements.
  • Unique landing pages with Personalized URLs (PURLs) and Quick Response (QR) codes to collect additional customer data & tracking
  • Leverage USPS Promos & Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) to reduce postage cost, mail piece tracking & coordination of multi-channel communications
  • Delivering a personalized experience to each customer allows you to efficiently & effectively achieve record-breaking sales

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