G7 Master Printer: Go Hard or Go Home

So many times we hear this phrase, and yet barely get ourselves out of bed in the morning. Are you really going hard?  What’s that mean from a direct marketing perspective?  Well, here at HKM we strive every day to deliver 100% for our clients and to earn your trust as a partner not just someone you think of as a vendor.  We’re in it to win it. We do go hard and then we do go home.

I look at it this way. We’ve been a trusted partner for many Fortune 100 companies and so many of them located here in Cleveland.  We’re proud to call Cleveland home.  Personally, as a provider, HKM offered me more than just phenomenal customer service. They helped me along the way to learn more about how to be more effective from a marketing perspective, how to better serve the companies that I worked for and how they delivered full service marketing beyond my expectations.

IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer CertificationSo now, as I sit in a different chair, one that helps companies learn from our experience of over 90+ years, we want to encourage you to allow us to partner with you to help you find the solutions to help deliver on your brand.  And as a G7 Master Printer, we back up our words with the certification to prove it.  IDEAlliance – International Digital Enterprise Alliance® has certified that we have achieved the level of G7 Master Qualification by demonstrating through production of print and/or proofing, the knowledge and skill required and the fundamental practices essential to meeting the G7 methodology in graphic communications production environment.

As a comprehensive direct mail marketing solutions provider, we offer you the flexibility to produce, distribute and manage any phase of your campaign helping you GO HARD and grow your business. We take our commitment to protecting your brand seriously, and work hard to ensure you get the maximum value for your marketing dollars helping you grow your business.  At HKM, we can help.  216-651-9500. Call today, and let’s talk.

Jeanette Arnholt
Marketing Manager