On March 8th, HKM is proud to celebrate the incredible achievements and contributions of our four exceptional women in leadership. As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we recognize their leadership, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Left to Right, back row

Kelly Grubiss, Vice President, Human Resources

Venturesome: Kelly fearlessly challenges norms. She understands that HR isn’t just about policies and paperwork; it’s about people. Her vision extends beyond compliance, focusing on employee well-being, growth, and organizational success.

Strategic Navigator: Kelly doesn’t merely react; she strategizes. Whether it’s talent acquisition, performance management, or diversity initiatives, she charts a course that aligns HR with our business goals.

Employee Whisperer: Kelly listens intently. She understands that every employee has a unique story. She dismantles barriers, ensuring fair opportunities for all, setting the tone for HKM.

Cristina Norton, Director of Finance

Strategic Impact: Cristina doesn’t settle for the status quo. She envisions financial landscapes beyond spreadsheets and numbers. Her strategic decisions drive profitability and resilience.

Empowering Teams: Like a conductor, Cristina orchestrates financial harmony. She empowers her team, ensuring they understand their roles in the symphony of fiscal success.

Innovation Catalyst: When faced with challenges, Cristina innovates. Her adaptability keeps us ahead of the curve and going strong for 102 years and counting.

Left to Right, front row

Cara Bruce, Vice President, Direct Marketing

Strategic Visionary: Cara challenges conventions and redefines direct marketing. She understands that it’s not just about campaigns; it’s about creating meaningful connections with your audience. Her perspective goes beyond mere metrics, prioritizing the cultivation of enduring connections with you, all while fostering customer engagement and loyalty.

Data Whisperer: Like a skilled director, Cara assembles data-driven campaigns. She leverages analytics, customer insights, and segmentation to optimize your direct marketing efforts.

Tech-Savvy Marketing Maven: She combines her technological expertise with marketing acumen to drive successful campaigns for our clients to maximize their ROI.

Carla Bailey, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Fearless Visionary: Carla understands that the tried-and-true methods may not always be the most effective. Instead, she forges new paths, exploring uncharted territories inspiring us all to think beyond boundaries.

Adventurous Spirit: Carla takes calculated risks. She navigates through complex projects, overcoming obstacles and fuels our team’s growth, pushing us to achieve greater heights.

Agility in Trends: Carla stays ahead of marketing trends. Whether it’s personalized content, omni-channel experiences, or AI-driven automation, she adapts swiftly so your campaigns remain relevant.

In an industry that was predominantly male, we take immense pride in having elevated these women to leadership positions, trailblazing HKM’s path into the future.