Are you being asked to be cost-efficient?

Cost-efficient. Bet you haven’t heard that one lately? Today, so many marketing directors and their teams are able to realize financial savings by utilizing digital printing.  In the “old” days, way back to 2002, we used to have to quote or hit minimums on different jobs or services and that’s just the way it was.

Digital printing is cost-efficient

Tadah! The flexibility of digital printing allows us to have the ability to run the job the way we need to run it, and businesses and marketing directors can order exact quantities of items that they need to accomplish their goals. Think of personalized or digital printing as the way you can decrease your cost per piece and increase revenue.  We can be cost-efficient. It’s really all about driving the “return on investment” anyway, isn’t it? We can come up with wonderfully creative material, like pieces with a super hero on it.  It’s eye-catching and everyone loves it.  But when the wheel hits the road, it is not about how great the marketing material was.  It’s more about how many new customers called us a result of that campaign.  What is the value? How can we drive more sales?  When you utilize direct mail efficiently, you are able to track each and every response. Why wouldn’t you use the more cost-efficient alternative? It’s rhetorical.  Of course you would.

Printing digitally is not only a logical but an economical solution.  And cost-efficient, of course.  The option tends to makes sense, whether it’s 10 or 500.  And there are many advantages to going the digital route.  You have the ability to personalize the piece and allow the customer to respond the way they want to – online, in person, on an actual phone (the thing you use to text).

Drive that engagement, increase your returns and lower your cost per piece while growing your business.

We can show you ways, with respect to industry, that are helping companies grow their revenue. Common by-products of revenue growth include an increase in sales, acquisition of new customers and opportunities and customer retention.  What’s the old phrase, “it’s certainly more cost-efficient to keep a customer than to find a new one”.  Well, on that one, we have to admit it’s true.

So go, become your CFO’s best friend, and maybe even play nice with the sales folks, too!

Jeanette Arnholt
Business Development Manager