Banks’ marketing collateral program succeeds with proactive communication, timely response

The Client:

This British-owned American banking group has 1,300+ branches in 12-states.  It is a $130 billion commercial bank holding company and 15th largest bank in the U.S.

The Business Challenge:

Each of the 1,300+ bank branches  receives a unique set of materials for multiple marketing campaigns every quarter. Those materials must be printed with consistent branded colors and quality, packed in kits with quantities unique to each branch and shipped within a few days at the lowest possible cost.

Address changes are a major challenge, as new branches open and others close. If current materials are lost or thrown out at the branch, they must be re-shipped promptly. Timely and proactive communication is a critical need.

The Solution:

HKM leveraged years of printing and mailing experience to meet the banks’ needs. Using the client’s matrix, HKM prints high quality POS, signage and other quarterly marketing collateral, and creates a schedule to kit unique versions for each branch.

With the HKM’s proactive approach, calls are made to the corporate office to communicate any discrepancies between print quantity and the number of materials requested by each branch. Any requests for reshipments are turned around in 24 hours. If materials are returned from a closed branch, HKM proactively updates the client to maintain an accurate mailing list.

All kits are shipped in the most efficient manner possible within the client’s 2-3 day time window.

Results for Client:

  • Marketing collateral with high-end print quality standards to protect brand integrity
  • Proactive communication to update addresses for new or closed branches, avoiding wasted or missing materials
  • Critical timing window met with mailings packed and shipped in 2-3 days to meet campaign calendar
  • High-touch personal customer service updates bank of any discrepancies in printing quantities versus branch order quantities
  • Reduced freight costs with more economical shipping  while meeting time demands

Value Delivered:

  • Leverage Technology. With HKM’s programming expertise, clients can expect large and complex print/distribution projects to flow smoothly and on schedule.
  • Improve Client Experience. With HKM’s execution, client’s can trust that their address and order database will be updated and re-shipments handled within 24 hours.
  • Meet Critical Timing Requirements. With decades of expertise in printing and mailing, HKM meets ongoing marketing campaign deadlines critical to so many industries, including banking.
  • Enhance Service Levels. HKM has the vast resources and capabilities to serve national, corporate clients while providing highly personal customer service.