In today’s market place, it’s imperative for your marketing campaigns to break through the clutter. Have you ever received a business card with elegant paper and soft touch that makes you want to feel it and more importantly keep it?

Well that’s what HKM can help you do with your marketing materials.  We can help you use specialty treatments and finishes that will make your clients and prospects instantly feel a connection.


Our creative arsenal includes gloss UV coating, grit, soft touch aqueous and reticulation varnish, all of which create an irresistible tactile experience for your clients and prospects.

This results in higher engagement with the printed piece along with a HIGHER response rate.


Studies have shown that the printed piece reinforces and supports a digital experience.  More importantly researchers and marketers have been able to prove now that touch and feel is key to engagement.

Are you creating experiential materials for clients or prospects so they don’t want to toss it or just ignore it? What are you doing to keep the materials in their hands and top of mind?


By using the powerful ability to change plain paper into a client experience by utilizing coatings and finishes that achieve amazing and dramatic affects.  You should take a few minutes to learn some more to see what you can do to drive results today.

According to a recent Harvard Study, they released information about the importance of touch and how it affects decision making. How it is relevant. How it is a driver for decision making.


“A recent study performed by the Eagleman Lab took these findings further, discovering that even paper quality makes a difference. Participants were more likely to recall information printed on heavy, high-quality paper than on low-quality paper. First impressions are everything, and touch can help ensure that impression is a good one.” (1).

Whether it is a marketing brochure with reticulation or direct mail marketing postcard, you can create the effects today that allow your customers and prospects to be left with a great impression of your product or offering.

We strive to be good listeners, to help you be successful by investing time to understand your needs, your values, and most importantly your goals. At HKM we promise quality and commitment and personal attention.

Our goal is to ensure an integrated marketing solution. Let us help you drive your business strategy and build momentum and most of all help grow your business.

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