HKM Direct Market Communications partners with local Cleveland Metropolitan School to salute Veterans this Memorial Day Weekend

HKM partners with New Tech West High School
to salute veterans this Memorial Day weekend

MAY 23, 2014. HKM Direct Market Communications, a full-service provider of digital and lithographic printing, located in the Gordon Square area in Cleveland, partnered with New Tech West High School, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, located at 4600 Detroit Avenue in Cleveland to salute veterans this Memorial Day weekend.

HKMBioart teacher Jayne Sylvester’s student advisory group created an idea to show visual support of the troops this Memorial Day weekend. The students, teachers and principal, Erin Frew, were very excited about this project. The concept was to create a display of flags to honor and salute all those who served our country and to create a visual representation of what that means to high school students today. The students created a design for the flags located on 5501 Cass Avenue located on the HKM hill adjacent to the Shoreway. Approximately 20 students from the school participated in this activity creating a visual display for all those who drive the Shoreway, east and westbound in Cleveland.