High-quality calendar program builds relationships

The Client:

Founded in 1939, this premium quality American truck manufacturer is a legend in the industry, with a devoted following among truckers. Its business model is based on a strong network of 500 independent dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

The Business Challenge:

Dealer relationships are critical to the manufacturer, as dealers sell the trucks and become the face of the company. This truck manufacturer offers its dealers a high-end calendar each year as a promotional tool to help build and maintain the dealers’ own relationships with truck buying customers.

The manufacturer demanded extremely high visual quality to protect premium brand integrity. Besides high-end printing and time-critical nationwide shipping, the calendar project also required an annual time-consuming process to solicit dealers, take orders, and handle billing.

The Solution:

First, HKM addressed the need for high-end photo and printing quality, with our core competency in premium offset printing. We also provided a schedule to deliver calendars to dealers by Thanksgiving while allowing time for the corporate marketing group to make final approvals on photography, content and design.