More touch points with your customer.

HKM omnichannel media solutions include:

  • Personalized URL generation (PURLs) and tracking.
  • Unique landing pages to collect additional customer data.
  • Quick Response (QR) code generation and tracking.
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb) for mail-piece tracking.
  • Campaign dashboard for real-time results and analysis.
  • List research, acquisition, hygiene and enhancement.
  • Executing sophisticated, personalized assemblies and kits.

People use multiple channels of communication every day. You can, too.

Get your message and your brand in front of customers and prospects more than once – using multiple, integrated media channels. Your customers and prospects see email, direct mail and social media on a daily basis. Capitalize on that – with cross-channel marketing.

HKM helps you create an integrated multi-touch campaign, using targeted data to personalize communications across multiple marketing channels.

We assembled a team from a variety of disciplines to develop omnichannel media solutions for your marketing challenges.

The HKM team helps you with an upfront strategy and creative execution on traditional direct mail and email campaigns.

Explore interactive solutions in the HKM tool kit, like personalized landing pages and online testing strategies.

With HKM email technology you get dynamic content, deliverability dashboard, heat map showing your most popular links, click-through, refer-a-friend and forward tracking.

You can pick and choose individual media channels depending upon the needs of your campaign – but for the greatest return on investment, integrate omnichannel solutions using HKM’s total campaign management.

Your Success. Our Mission.