We grew up with this stuff.

Q: How does standard marketing become targeted marketing?
A: With expert database management.

We’re not just talking names and addresses – but variable content such as text and images. Managing a database for effective personalization to reach a target audience demands real expertise.

You want to maximize your return on investment in direct marketing. So you need timely, accurate customer data. And you need a company able to manage that data for end-to-end print and direct marketing solutions.

HKM grew up with I.T. and database management. Back in the 1980s, we began creating systems for fulfillment and for maintaining mailing lists in order to meet changing postal requirements.

Data management is at the heart of everything we do for you at HKM.

With our industry-leading mail management and data enhancement software, you see improved deliverability and less postage cost.

And HKM streamlines your databases for maximum effectiveness and minimal waste. We help you keep up and keep clean – with services like merge/purge, deduping, appending, suppression, and gender.

We know your data security is extremely important – so it matters to us. HKM’s Personal Information Security Program includes access control, CCTV and remote video, and intrusion testing and stringent network protocols.

Your data is always available but always protected – with secure on- and off-site replication and storage of data, inherent redundancies and failovers.

Your Success. Our Mission.