Personalization gets results.

Print what you want, when you want it, and in the exact quantities required.

We know one size doesn’t fit all. HKM helps you determine the best printing options for your overall strategy. Maybe your marketing campaign works better with shorter print runs that can be customized to individuals or groups.

Printing large quantities of marketing collateral isn’t always a good decision. Using digital printing can save you money by decreasing obsolescence, creating less waste and reducing inventory and warehousing costs.

On-demand digital printing maximizes your print budget – while targeting specific people with a specific message.

Go ahead – leverage HKM’s strengths when you integrate digital printing into your full marketing strategy.

With print quality that rivals offset, HKM digital printing lets you print anything from black and white to high-resolution six-color. Utilize variable data so each piece has a personalized message. And with no film or metal plates required, there’s little set-up time or expense. Turn-around time is faster due to fewer production steps.

Our mission in digital printing – is to support your success.

With HKM Digital Printing you:

  • create targeted, personalized pieces to meet your specific goals
  • get faster turnaround time due to fewer steps in production process
  • save money by decreasing obsolete materials and waste
  • reduce inventory and warehousing costs
Your Success. Our Mission.