Speed to Market: Looking for Good and Fast?

How many times have you been asked to get it done and get it done now?  Well, most of us have probably in the last month or so, if I were a betting woman.  Anyway, when it comes to digital printing, we have the ability now with new technology and digital printers to, “Get it in the mail now” or “print this now and get it out to sales”. Speed to market is achievable!

Digital Printing increases speed to market

Digital printing has clearly evolved to allow CMOs and Marketing Directors/Managers to answer that command.  You can clearly get a fast turnaround time with smaller quantities and doing it pretty darn fast these days; 24 hour turns can be the norm.  You have the ability to personalize the print, manage the quantities which, in turn, reduces costs and you are able to make revisions on the fly.  Not that that happens too often, right?

What digital printing affords you now really is speed to market, and, in today’s ever evolving landscape, it is imperative.

Here is an example of one of the fastest growing retailers in U.S. history and one of America’s largest big-box retailers. With locations in all 50 U.S. and internationally, the company is known as the leading one-stop shop for home improvement and construction products and services for consumers and professional contractors.  This retailer sends about four million postcards each month to its credit card customers. To be effective as a marketing tool, the cards must be customized in as many as 32 different versions, in different sizes and in English and Spanish to reach numerous market areas, making the task a complex one. Mid-project, the client has also added personalization to both sides of the card, with variable and static barcodes.

Timing of the postcards’ mailing is critical, as they must arrive 3-5 days before a promotional or sales event begins in the stores. Cards must be timed to reach different locations around the U.S. and internationally and mailing data must be tracked and reported.

The client also requires multiple employees around the U.S. to approve postcard proofs in a secure system, since the cards contain personal information. The client was able to attain large-scale project capabilities with highly personal customer service. Working with art, database and market cells from the client and credit card company, more than 30 postcard versions were created for multiple layers of customers. To personalize both front and back sides, traditional printing was combined with inkjet printing.

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Jeanette Arnholt
Business Development Manager