Leverage social networks to broaden newsletter reach

HKM uses email marketing to broaden the reach of communications delivery for our clients. Within our email marketing capabilities, we also leverage other marketing media, like social networks, to further broaden the reach of the campaigns we send for our clients.

To enhance your email campaigns, our email marketing tool has a feature that makes building your list easy and strengthens your brand recognition. This feature is the social media enhancer and it enables your readers to share your email content on ten of the most popular social media sites. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Delicious, Digg and Google Bookmarks as well as several others. Your newsletters can easily be socialized, including the feature with every article or share the entire message by using the feature in a prominent point of your message.

Why is this helpful to your marketing strategy? Well, for one, it greatly expands the reach of your messages. You spend a great deal of time and resources on your copy and content, and this is a great way to amplify how many people are reading. As a result, the tool also helps maximize the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns because of the volume of people it reaches.

Social networks continue to be very popular. Adding the social aspect to your emails, and your direct mail pieces for that matter, helps naturally extend your customer service. And adding another layer to the relationship you have with your readers continues to build brand loyalty.