Direct Mail & Personalization: Perfectly Partnered to Boost ROI

Every time we talk about direct mail there’s the “roll of the eyes,” and then, “yeah, that’s in the mix.” Well, did you know that direct mail marketing is still a very critical component of your marketing mix? Most marketers know that they must continue to reach the right person at the right time to be able to move the needle and try to get the consumer to react. And personalization is key!

DigitalPrintingPersonalizationMost marketers these days have realized that direct mail marketing has to remain in the mix with social media, online, and what many are calling “Omni Channel Marketing.” Mailing thousands of pieces of mail every day, we’ve seen clients who are utilizing personalized direct mail in an evolving marketplace, changing and constantly adjusting to keep providing positive results for clients and driving traffic, to different channels.

Equipment and substrates have also evolved to allow us to personalize just about anything from a simple postcard with maps and emails with one on one messaging to large format merchandising with QR codes in store.

Today, personalized message are the standard, and are very easy to accomplish. Direct mail gives advertisers a 13:1 return according to the International Paper ( Response rate for email marketing has fallen by 57% since 2004, but response rate from direct mail has risen 14% (IP) and the plain paper fact is that print tends to drive a higher return on investment.

With personalization and high quality printing, you can offer clients flexibility and a wide range of colors and event special effects like white ink or UV red ink for print which would allow you to validate customer offers only visible under a UV lights and increase foot traffic concurrently (HKM is partnered with HP to offer these solutions:  These are low cost solutions with the ability to personalize every piece and truly deliver with one on one marketing.

What’s your personal message to your clients?

Jeanette Arnholt
Business Development Manager