Getting started with email marketing, Part III

(The article below is a continuation of Getting started with email marketing and Getting started with email marketing, Part II)

5. Analyze and improve

For those reading who know me, you know I think this is the best part of the email campaign. I thoroughly enjoy looking at all the reports; framing the statistics, evaluating the conjecture on optimal send time, open rates and clicks. The final step is a very critical because this is where we learn how effective steps three and four were and how they impact steps one and two.

This evaluation may be a celebratory review that initial decisions were good, or it may be a bittersweet slap in the face that the email marketing campaign was lackluster. Bitter in that results were not where you wanted them, but sweet in the sense you now have a frame of reference for what is not very effective. And you are given a golden opportunity with your next campaign to improve, whether it be launching another successful message or a comeback from one that was not. Note, I have not called anything a failure. It may fail to produce the results that you want, but it provides you with a valuable lesson in email marketing.

And speaking of a valuable lesson, I hope this three-part series on email marketing has provided you with information to get started in email marketing in 2013. And for those seasoned senders, maybe this is a simple refresher for you to get motivated for 2013. It’s a new year and an opportune time to revisit an effective tool for marketing. And if you have a need for HKM’s email marketing services or just wish to talk email, feel free to contact me.

Happy Emailing!

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