Getting started with email marketing, Part II

(The article below is a continuation of Getting started with email marketing)

2. Who is sending the message?
That is, what from name and email address are you going to use? Some of you may be looking at this and wondering, a whole step just to decide on who? Yes. A whole step. And let me tell you why. In email marketing, the from name and address are your reputation. They are your brand. You don’t ever want to tarnish either, and putting your best foot forward with a solid from and from address will do wonders for your delivery, for your reputation and for your brand.

3. Subject line
Often times, deciding on a subject line is a good way for you to bring a focus to your message. It helps you organize your content for the message and a call to action, if there is one. And just like the from name and from address, it is one of the first things that your reader sees upon delivery. So it has to be magical. Okay, well maybe not magical, but it should be meaningful. It presents the purpose of your message, so put some thought in to it and be mindful of how important it is.

4. The three T’s – template, test and time
This one tends to be the most time consuming, but that is not the time I am referring to. Template is first because you need to template your content. You decide on the layout and overall feel of the message. This will involve a lot more upfront commitment, however, once you establish a template, subsequent messages go that much smoother.

Then you test. Send it to yourself, to trusted reviewers. View it in webmail, test it in Outlook, click on all the links. How does it look on your Blackberry? iPhone? Droid? Does it land in your junk mail folder? Make sure the message is spell checked. Check your grammar. Making certain your message has all its i’s dotted and its t’s crossed will help with delivery and further the goals of your campaign.

Finally, there is time. What time, what day to send the message. If you are starting fresh, this is a wonderful time (no pun intended) to monitor time sent and response garnered. You may want to segment your list, send a third on one day and time, send a third on another day and time and the last third on yet another day and time. You may just want to test day and send them all at the same time. Bottom line, be conscientious of your audience for your initial campaign send time and learn from your experience.

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