Friends around the world.

Imagine having trusted partners in printing and distribution around the world. With HKM – you do.

As a DCG company, HKM has access to the International Printers’ Network (IPN), the world’s foremost global alliance of leading edge companies in the printing, visual communications and graphic arts industry, with over 200 locations in 45 different countries and world-class capabilities.
IPN Map - Cropped
What’s the value? Working with an IPN partner, you have access to a worldwide solution for the production and distribution of your visual and printed communications. When your materials are produced closer to where you need them distributed, you eliminate costly overruns, warehousing fees, international shipping costs, and customs charges. That means you save time and money – without sacrificing branding control and production quality.

IPN gives you security and peace of mind knowing you have a “global friend” taking care of your business. This is not a “virtual network” – but a real alliance with personal relationships and leadership meetings taking place on a regular basis around the world.

Since 1993, IPN companies have invested time and resources to build close working relationships with each other to provide a truly local global service. Using advanced telecommunication and information technologies, members of the IPN work together, using common standards, ensuring that information is distributed effectively and efficiently…anywhere, anyplace, anytime. This guarantees quality, reliability, and the most cost-effective solutions for IPN clients.

You’ll find multiple advantages in working with local producers close to where the business originates and where the products are needed. They understand specific needs and characteristics in each local distribution area – so you’re guaranteed a quality end-to-end solution. IPN is just another way HKM makes your success our mission.

Your Success. Our Mission.