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The HKM story begins in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922, when Charles Hauser founded the Excell Letter Company. Two years later, Mr. Hauser joined forces with Howell King of National Carbon, a leader in industrial research. The two men formed a partnership called the Hauser-King Company.

For more than 30 years, Hauser-King grew in size and reputation. Then in 1957 Howard Stingel, owner of Stingel Service, Cleveland’s oldest temporary personnel agency, ventured into the printing industry. Mr. Stingel purchased Hauser-King and named George Durham as production manager of the fledgling company.

Birth of Hauser-King-Marford

In 1962, Mr. Stingel purchased Marford Direct Mail, Hauser-King’s leading competitor. He merged the two companies creating Hauser-King-Marford. Located on the seventh floor of the Caxton Building, Hauser-King-Marford quickly outgrew its space and moved to the fifth floor. Early equipment included two 1250 multilith presses, a mimeograph machine, a monotype (hot lead), two automatic typewriters, manual and electric typewriters, an addressograph and stencil cutter.

Hauser-King-Marford acquired other companies, among them Morrison Advertising, Cadillac Litho, Chamberlain Press, A-1 Mimeo and the Carbon Copy House. Some became branches of the downtown office, including Ford Printing, Munn and Associates, and Elyria Graphics.

The company grew, and by 1980 occupied four floors in the Caxton Building.

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