HKM’s reputation for excellence doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because of our people.

An experienced and talented team of industry professionals is truly our most valuable asset. Machinery is only as good as the people operating it.

So, what do we look for in an employee? Someone who consistently strives to provide quality and friendly service to our clients. Someone who’s a motivated team player, taking pride in their craft and in contributing to HKM’s products and services offering.

Our employees take an active role in our business. Every team member is encouraged to make suggestions that improve HKM operations and reduce costs.

HKM offers employees a clean, creative environment where safety is a top priority. And we are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you have the skills and qualities we value at HKM, please submit your information for consideration to:

or mail to:
HKM Direct Market Communications
Attn: Human Resources
5501 Cass Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102-2121

Your Success. Our Mission.